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Francis S. Carl was born in 1965 in the small town of Glen Cove, New York. The fifth of six children was born to his parents Frank and Agnes Carl. As a boy, Francis's grandfather from Oyster Bay, New York, Percy R. Carl, would tell fascinating stories about their family's history in Oyster Bay, which dated back to 1795. The very home Francis's grandfather lived in was on the property of his great-great-grandfather, David Carll, a black Civil War soldier.


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As a child growing up in the mid-1970s, Author Francis Carl was fascinated with knowing how deep his family roots were in the state of New York. After high school, Francis enlisted in the U.S Army and served a tour of duty overseas in Germany. After serving, Francis Carl was honorable discharged in 1987. The seeds of Francis's family history that his grandfather planted early in his life would gradually develop into a passion for doing more research work. It wasn't until the early 1990s when Francis first started to pen his family's remarkable story. At that time, Local newspapers were picking up the story, and even a local, new channel ran a story on his family history.

It wasn't until 2010 that Francis and his nephew visited the National Archives in Washington DC that changed everything. Francis and his nephew, Gil McDonald, were able to pull the pension file of David Carll, Francis's great-great-grandfather. In that pension, the file was a trove of information about David Carll's life before, during, and after the Civil War. It was the missing piece for Francis. With this new information, Francis was able to verify stories passed down from generations. Part of a huge missing piece to the puzzle allowed Francis to begin his series, The Life and Times of David Carll. The first book in the series, Footsteps of a Forgotten Soldier, which Francis co-authored in 2015, tells the story of David Carll before and during the Civil War. The second book in the series, WHO WE ARE, tells the story of David Carll after returning home from the war and spans 20 years. Francis Carl continues to write and is currently working on his third book in the series, The Life and Times of David Carll.