WHO WE ARE (The Life and Times of David Carll)

WHO WE ARE (The Life and Times of David Carll)


About The Book Who We Are

As the Civil War came to an end, David Carll, a black soldier from the 26th United States Colored Troop Regiment returned to his hometown of Oyster Bay, New York. As David attempted to put the horrors of the war behind him and resume his life with his bride Mary, both would soon realize they would have to fight another war at home. Another war against hatred, racism, and rejection as they navigated through life in their interracial marriage during reconstruction. Who We Are, is a continuation of the book, Footsteps of a Forgotten Soldier, in the series, The Life and Times of David Carll and explores the life of David and Mary Carll from 1865 to 1885 in a small Long Island village.

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